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Background and Vision


The Greater Sacramento region is a large metropolitan area with a population of over 2.4 Million residents, which puts it slightly behind Portland, Pittsburgh and Austin but ahead of Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Kansas City.   It has a rich history of over 70 years of barbershop harmony.  A decade ago there were 7 thriving male chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society (VoCal, Sacramento, Davis-Vacaville, Folsom, Stockton, Nevada Placer and Placerville) as well as 3 ladies choruses (Sacramento Valley, Camellia City and Sierra Gold).   Post covid this has winnowed to effectively 3 male and 1 female and 2 mixed choruses.

There are about 10-12 community choruses in the area that vie for singers and audiences.  The region is home to over 80 high schools, as well as 6 community colleges and three 4-year Universities, all of which have substantive choral music programs that feed local choral organizations.

Female choruses from the area had reached international competition as far back as the 1980’s, but the first Sacramento-area male group to perform at the international level was Voices of California in 2013, and it has since returned 4 additional times.  For more on the history of the Voice of California, please see this link:

The chorus at it’s high point numbered approximately 80 singers.  Post-Covid, there are 60 dues paying members, with an active (weekly on the risers) attendance of about 25 singers.   We believe that, given the enormous number of singers in the area, there is every reason to think a world class barbershop ensemble can grow and thrive here.


The primary goal of the chorus is to be remarkably entertaining. 


We put on shows that are world-class and are not rivaled by many in the barbershop world.  We want our audiences to leave our shows feeling absolutely delighted by the experience they just had.  This comes from:
  • the quality of the music selected,
  • the thoughtfulness and creativity of the show’s theme, content, pace and overall package,
  • the enhancement provided by the stagecraft,
  • the high quality of the repertoire and arrangements chosen, 
  • the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the singing,
  • the caliber of guest performers we include in our production,
  • the choreography and staging within the performance. 
We want to consistently remind music lovers that barbershop harmony is alive and well and is as entertaining as any other live music event they could see.

We want to sing and perform at a level that makes us a treasure in the Sacramento area arts scene.  We want to be seen as one of the 5 “must see/must experience gems” for citizens wanting to absorb the Sacramento performing arts scene. Placed in the same stratosphere as:
  1. Music Circus,
  2. The Broadway Series,
  3. The Sacramento Chorus and Symphony Orchestra,
  4. The Sacramento Master Singers.

We enthusiastically support all other groups that love to sing in harmony and we actively seek opportunities to help young singers gain exposure to vocal harmony singing.  We attempt to foster quartet singing in our community and love it when any of our singers is involved in an active quartet.

We draw into our ranks men that love to sing, and who look to do so at the very best of their capabilities.  Our men are willing to do the work it takes to be great.  They are accountable to each other and supportive of a director that upholds the highest standards in a chorus. We accept a wide variety of singers into our ranks.  We’re good enough to attract the area’s very best and most accomplished singers.  We are also supportive of and eager to attract and retain singers of average capabilities and experience.  We work hard to make sure they feel welcome and have the tools and support to become the best performers they can be.  We work hard to ensure potential new singers have a marvelous time at our rehearsals.  They learn there are other singers “just like them” on the risers that thrive.  

We are uniquely competitive.  Competition is not our primary goal, but we expect to compete and to do very well.  Our expectation is that if we can truly perform, sing and entertain at the level we aspire to for our shows, that will translate into contest scores that would place us somewhere in the top 10 in the world. 

We share a bond of unique fraternity amongst our members - that barbershop-based brotherhood.  We have fun when we are together.  We look forward to rehearsals and to performances as ways to grow the friendship and love we feel for one another.  We love to share the joy of making music together in 4-part harmony with all who experience it because of us. 


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