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  • Spring Show - Save the Date
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Jan 15 2024
    Spring Show - Save the Date
    Saturday May 4, 2024,
    Voices of California will be performing at El Camino Fundamental High – Center for the Performing Arts at 2340 Eastern Ave, Sacramento, CA 95864.
    Tickets will be available on Eventbrite soon.
    Thank you for your support.
  • Looking Forward
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Mar 18 2021
    Looking Forward

    2020 was supposed to be a memorable year for Voices of California. Our first decade of existence, 5th-time to compete on the international stage, our first European Tour, two youth festivals, and the first contest at sea for the Far Western District. At the same time, we got to celebrate our first decade as a chorus. All other milestones were not to be. COVID dominated our year. 

    If the story were to end there or if that paragraph were allowed to frame the year as a whole. It would be very disappointing; 2020 was a year that VoCal had worked years for. So many efforts were supposed to come to fruition in those events. It wasn't enjoyable for the chorus. Yet, instead of hanging our heads, we looked inward and focused on each other. We stayed in contact, supported each other, and allowed ourselves the time to reflect. VoCal chose to love each other and weather the storm. 

    Now, 2021 is here! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and VoCal will be ready to perform for you as soon as we can hit the stage. We have started this year with  3 new charts! We are shaking off the rust and hoping to see the return of in-person rehearsals in July. Fingers crossed that the vaccine schedule holds, and the results continue to trend in the positive direction we are currently seeing. 

    VoCal is committed to holding our annual holiday sho this year!  We are working with the venue partners to confirm that this will be a possibility. We will keep you posted as the year progresses. In short, we are alive and are excited to get to singing again. Most of all, coming together again to share our love of music and performance with all of you.  More to come in the weeks ahead.

    We wish you a safe and healthy 2021!

  • Voices of California Back To International Competition
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Dec 30 2019
    Voices of California Back To International Competition
    Voices of California is excited to announce that we eaned an invitation to compete in the 2020 International Contest in Los angelas, CA. This will mark the 5th time in 10 year that VoCal has had the honor of representing the Far Western District in this capacity. 

    VoCal wishes to thank each our of members, support system, our fans, and a special thank you to our director and music leadership that continue to push us to raise the bar. VoCal is working to make this contest a "GoldMedal Moment" for everyone that is part of the Vocies of California. 

    We look forward to sharing more  information as we begin preparing for our journey. VoCal is very excited with what 2020 holds, out first trip to Europe, an upcoming cruise for our district contest, and now a trip to share the stage with the worlds best. VoCal looks forward to facing every opportunity with excitment, harmony, and brotherhood. 

    Stay tuned for more information....
  • What a Fantastic Dinner Show!!! (Fall 2019 Season, Voices of California)
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Oct 21 2019
    What a Fantastic Dinner Show!!!
    On Saturday Septmber 28th. Vocies of CAlifornia hosted it's first ever dinner show. THis event was focused on our upcoming trip to Europe. While we are still reconiling the final numbers. It appears that we raised close to $10, 000 toward the expenses for this tour.

    Included in this dinner show was a parade of District bound quartets thatput there contest packages on dispaly for the audience. We wish to thank Alternate Route, C.O.D, The Front LIne, Ring!, and The Summertimers (THey came all the way from Los Angelas to share their talents with us! The evening was capped by our perenial Internation quartet Artisitic License! Vocies of California also presented four numbers to begin and end the night.

    The event was such a success for our first effort.. We had a buffet dinner, no host beer & wine bar, dessert dash, and silent auction. VoCal would like to A couple of individual shout outs. Jim Maass, Thank you for being such an awesome chairman of this event. Jim Maass thought of every detail, was open to suggestions, and headed up this effort for
    months prior to the night of the event. We threw many curve balls at Jim and he crushed them all over the fence. Had Jim not already been bald, I feel we may have sped the process forward. Susan Boring, there may only be a couple of people that
    possibly know the levels of dedication and patience it took to pull off that silent auction. I, for one, am humbled at the love you showed to VoCal for this event. I hope you feel that your effort was worth the sacrifice. Susan, Thank you for your effort, your patience with us, most all for your time! Richard Kaiser, the Dessert Dash was amazing and fun! Corely Phillips, who can run a bar better than this guy? I cannot think of any. Thank you and Patty for everything! Roger Santiago, Ticket chairman for the event. Thank you for keeping us updated and on track. And of course, Winston Char, raffle man extraordinaire!

    Most All, THANK YOU, our fans that made the night an overwhelming success! VoCal looks forward to improving on the lessons we learned. Implenting the great suggestions nad comment that we recevied. You are the reason we work so hard to present first class entertaiment. VoCal looks forward to next year and an even better show!
  • England Bound 2020 Dinner Show!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 8 2019
    In a little more than two months, Voices of California will host its first dinner show – a fundraiser for England 2020. It will be on September 28th at the Mack Powell Events Center, 2003 Howe Avenue, Sacramento. Tickets are $35. This event will be a milestone event as part of Vocal's  fall season. The event will be an evening of singing, fundraising activities, silent auctions, raffles, a dessert dash, and a buffet Mexican meal. The chorus and chapter quartets will be the entertainment for the event. While the doors open to the public at 5 PM,  The event is expected to conclude between 8:00 and 8:30.

    VoCal is currently accepting silent auction donations! If you are interested in supporting the chorus in this endeavour. Please contact Susan Boring at: and provide a brief description of the item(s) that you are offering. A donation letter will be provided so that you can be recognized in the show program, VoCal web site, and proper documntation for you tax deductible donation. Some items already receved are:

    • A 6L bottle of wine with the VoCal logo etched on, by Ciotti Vineyards, valued at $500 • Massages, and facial treatments • Two wine tours/tastings (GlenLyon Vineyards and Todd Taylor Wines), valued at $200 and more • Rodan + Fields Gift Box, valued at $250 • Remote Computer Assistance, valued at $200 • Jelly Belly Art Piece, valued at $500 • A $500 gift certificate applied to any tour, by Sports Leisure Travel and many more, so far with a total value of over $4,000. 

    Tickets can be purchased on our home page or event page!

  • Rehearsal Moved This Week
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jun 17 2018

    Rehearsal Moved This Week

    If you are planning on visiting the Voices of California at this week's regular rehearsal (June 21st), we will not be at our space at CLARA.  

    This week we rehearse at Adventure Christian Church

    1500 North Market Blvd

    Sacramento, CA 


    Regular start time of 7:00 PM

    We would love you to come visit!

  • We're Back in Business Tonight!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 7 2018
    The Voices of California resume our regular rehearsal schedule this evening at 7:00 PM   Come Join us! 
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