VoCal strives to provide outstanding musical entertainment for our audiences. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere wherein each member is able to achieve his full potential as a performer. We have reasonably high standards for performance membership in the chorus but we know everyone is starting their VoCal journey with a different musical background.  With this in mind, we provide programs for continuing training of members in all aspects of musical and visual performance through the use of both internal and external coaching. Our goal is to increase membership without sacrificing quality. We accomplish this through our qualification process and offer encouragement and assistance to any candidate who does not immediately meet our performance requirements but demonstrates moderate skills and a desire to improve.   

Please know that we want you to succeed.  Our chorus is better with more good singers and, with this in mind, we'll work with anyone that has interest in joining to try and make it a reality.

You may start the membership process as early as your third rehearsal. The overall membership process consists of three steps:

  1. Interview
  2. Vocal Qualification
  3. VoCal Board Approval

In greater detail these three steps are:

1) Interview - a short discussion intended to ensure that we understand what you are looking for in joining VoCal; and that you understand what will be expected of you when you join us.

2) Vocal Qualification – this process consists of one to three steps:

a. Vocal Placement - VoCal music leader assesses what part may be best for you
b. Vocal Quality and Skills Evaluation - VoCal music leader guides you through several skill assessments and provides feedback.  
c. Optional Extended Evaluation - depending on the result of the Quality and Skills Evaluation, you may be asked to sing a portion of a chorus song in a quartet.   

3) VoCal Board Approval – the Chapter Board of Directors will consider your application once these steps have been completed satisfactorily and all required membership application forms have been received.

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