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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the position open to men only or can women apply?
Any person is open to apply.   There are successful barbershop choruses across the country led by both men and women.

Q: Do I have to have barbershop directing experience to apply?
All interested parties are encouraged to apply.  We expect to evaluate each applicant in their totality.  We easily envision that our next director may have many other outstanding characteristics (e.g., deep musicality, charisma, great in front of the chorus, ability to lead, showmanship, etc.) but not have any barbershop experience.  We expect to pick the best person and work with them to help them further develop any skill areas necessary.

Q: Can you share the pay for this role?
Pay will be determined based on experience and the total qualifications of the selected candidate.  Based on past experience, and in review of other similar positions throughout the country, we believe the pay range is reasonably in line with the efforts to be expended by the Director.

Q: When and for how long does the chorus rehearse?
The chorus typically rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7-9:30pm.  At the discretion of the Director, this is occasionally extended to 10pm if additional rehearsal is deemed helpful before a major show or contest.   If our preferred candidate cannot accommodate Thursday nights, we would consider what the impact might be of changing rehearsal nights.

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