Spring Afternoon Show - Spring 2019 Season

2:00pm, Sat, May 18 2019

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  • Type of event: Performance
    Venue: 10 College Parkway
    Folsom, CA 95630
      See map below
    Ticket pricing/options: 2:00 Matinee, 7:00 Evening Show
    $35 premium plus Harris Center fees
    $25 regular plus Harris Center fees
    $12.50 Student/Youth, regular seat, plus Harris Center Fees

    Tickets for the 2:00 pm show sell more quickly than the 7:00 pm show

    If you have special needs (aisle seat, handicapped seat, etc.) it is best to get these tickets early.

    Call 800.385.3659 for more info.
    Tickets: Book now
    Tickets for the May 18th annual shows may be purchased in two ways:
    1. Click on the ticket icon above, the Harris Center website (www.harriscenter.net); be certain you don't use alternative ticket outlets which are more expensive.
    2. VoCal – Can be picked up every rehearsal. Purchasing through VoCal will save you approximately $2.00 / ticket. Also, If you purchase 10 or more tickets at one time through VoCal, you will receive a 10% discount on the tickets.

    Ticket Prices (including Harris Center Fees) for tickets purchased through VoCal: all seats are reserved
    Premium: $40.00 / ticket
    General: $30.00 / ticket
    Student / Youth $17.50 / ticket

    If you have purchased tickets that you cannot sell, VoCal will make a best-efforts attempt to sell them for you.

    Call 800.385.3659 for more info.
    Description: Our 10th Anniversary show will feature many VoCal alumni, plus 
    *International Gold Medal winners Vocal Spectrum http://www.vocalspectrum.com/bio 
    *Chapter Quartets Artistic License (http://www.artisticlicensequartet.com/) and Capitol Ring (https://www.facebook.com/CapitolRingQuartet/), both which will be competing at this year's International Convention

    Call 800.385.3659 for more info.
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