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We welcome you to the world of the Voices of California.   The clips on this page can be a quick way to get to know a bit about the Voices of California and the American artform of Barbershop.


First we have a clip about our chorus.   Please note this promotional video was produced while the Voices of California operated under our founding name, the American River Chorus.  The concepts, the spirit, the commitment to musical excellence remains the same.  Just the name has been changed!




Everyone has heros.  The men of Voices of California look up to multi-year International Champion The Ambassadors of Harmony, based in the St. Louis area.  Here they are in their 2009 Gold Medal winning performance of "Seventy Six Trombones" from the Broadway musical "The Music Man". 



Singing Vegetables in an a capella four part harmony contest??? You bet!!! Our current 2013 International Gold Medal chorus the Toronto Northern Lights took to the stage dressed as healthy food and offered up the healthiest all around performance of the contest.   Barbershop is not just a group of men standing on risers, entertainment is a huge part of what we do.




The basis for the music will always be the quartet.  Four men, each carrying their part, creating a synergistic expanded sound.  Voices of California's good friends, Masterpiece, earned the 2013 International Gold Medal with their rendition of an old folk song "Oh Suzanna".  



We have a theme, a mission, to "Keep the Whole World Singing".  This theme song is sung by every chorus at the end of each rehearsal or significant gathering.  Here is Barbershop Harmony Society President Marty Monson directing the chorus of Medalist quartets -- as well as over six thousand people in the contest audience -- concluding the 2013 International Contest and Convention. 




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